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I'm Rishab Nayak.

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Founder and CTO @ Joyn, a communication platform supercharged by AI. With a Master's degree in Computer Science from BU and a background in Chemistry and Computer Science, he bridges scientific principles with technological innovation. Previously, Rishab co-founded Mount, a pioneering rental platform. His research and engineering expertise, particularly in cloud computing, enables him to architect scalable and secure systems. At Joyn, Rishab leads the development of cutting-edge AI technologies that redefine communication. By integrating machine learning and natural language processing, Joyn enables effortless and intelligent connections. If this sounds interesting to you, come join us - we’re hiring!

Full-Stack Development
Mobile Development
Image Processing, AI, ML and Related Technologies
Spectroscopy - UV-Vis, IR, FAAS, MP-AES
PCR, Flow Cytometry and Other Advanced Biological Techniques
Hardware Prototyping


Lab Skills

Sample Preparation, Calorimetry, Titration, Inorganic Synthesis, Freezing Point Depression, Molecular Dynamics (Chimera, AutoDock, VMD)


Spectroscopy (UV-Vis, IR, FAAS, MP-AES), Flow Cytometry, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis


Java, Dart, Javascript, Python, Swift, Objective-C, Node.JS, Wolfram Language, MATLAB

Frameworks and Cloud

Flutter, Vue.JS, Angular, Mongo, Git, AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, OpenCV, Keras, CI/CD


Reading, Writing and Speaking Proficiency in English and Hindi, Speaking Proficiency in Oriya


Scientific Writing Proficiency, Black Belt (1st Dan), Electronic Keyboard (Grade 5, Trinity College of Music)

Education & Experience


2021 - 2022

Boston University

M.S. Computer Science - GPA - 3.95

2017 - 2021

Boston University

B.A. Computer Science, Chemistry - CS GPA - 3.60


May 2023 - Present


Founder and CTO

Feb 2020 - Apr 2023


Founder and CTO

Dec 2019 - May 2022

BU Spark!

Sr. Project and Solutions Manager

Sep 2020 - Dec 2021

OXOS Medical

Cloud, DevOps and Full Stack Flutter Engineer

Dec 2019 - Jan 2021


Head of Technology

Nov 2018 - Oct 2020



Jun 2017 - Mar 2021

Prantae Solutions

Core Technology Developer

My Projects


A mobile based application to quantify the microalbumin levels in urine, an early marker of forthcoming kidney damage.

View on GitHub »

AuNP Biosensors

Optimized production of Gold Nanoparticle based biosensors that can be used to quantify microRNA.

Coming soon »

Complex Chemistry

An evaluation of the kinetics and rate of aquation of trans-dichlorobis(ethylenediamine) cobalt(III) chloride

View Paper »


A personal healthcare assistant using voice recognition technology to enable better access to medical assistance

View on GitHub »


Provides the user contextual awareness, giving them audio feedback on the objects found in their surroundings.

Coming soon »


Aids the visually impaired to find empty tables in restaurants and recognize known faces, thereby providing contextual awareness.

View on GitHub »

Pill Dispenser

A low-cost fully automated IOT Pill Dispenser with a remotely accessible setup UI, all from a RasPi.

View on GitHub »


A Performance Analysis of Neural Networks to Identify Plugs and Connectors from an Image, created with Wolfram Language.

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DNA-RNA Binding

Computational Screening of compounds having specific binding to DNA-RNA hybrids, using Chimera, AutoDock and parts of Amber

Coming soon »

Telomere Research

A Novel Bioengineered Adenovirus to Reverse the Effects of Biological Aging by Replenishing Telomeres

View Paper »

BioDiesel Research

Esterifying Free Fatty Acids and Phospholipids in Algal Oil to Increase the Yield of BioDiesel from Feedstock

Coming soon »


Using Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning to convert lip movements to text using MATLAB

Coming soon »

Plant Disease ID

Using advanced image processing algorithms to identify a plant disease from its image.
(Designed in MATLAB)

Coming soon »

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